Gaisce agus Beoireland


Failte go Beoireland agus ar neasc le GAISCE. BEO is a simple concept with 3 main objectives

1. Promote original Irish Music (by organising a gig in your school community)

2. Promote cupla focal Gaeilge

3. Promote a social conscience within you school community. The theme for this year’s social conscience is “Ireland 2016 céad bliain chun tosaigh”

Please take a look through our website to get ideas as to how you might participate and you are also invited to forward your efforts to IMRO Comórtas BEO 2015/16. Link to

BEO is designed so that all students within a class are able to participate in an activity that can count towards their GAISCE Award. This will take a little imagination but here are some examples to get you on your way.

Suggested activities that can be included as part of your GAISCE Bronze Award challenge.

Personal Skill

1. A 13 week blog requiring an entry every week for 10 weeks prior to the gig and 3 weeks after (1 person with a minimum of 50 word per week one third of those as Gaeilge)

2. Write, record, edit and upload a series of 5 vines to promote the event as Gaeilge. (Group of 4)

3. Manage a twitter account over a 13 week period promoting your event, Gaeilge and you social conscience.

4. Research the state of Gaeilge in your area in 1916 and how it compares to the present day. Design a powerpoint presentation of your findings and present to 4 classes in your local national school. (group of 3, this activity could also be seen as Community Involvement)

Community Involvement

1. Get a drama script from the 1916 era and put on a play in your local community center.(group 5/6)

2. Gather coins from the time and put them on show in the trophy cabinet of your school relating to the history and value of each coin (1 person)

3. Set up a coffee/tea morning in your local community center for the elderly.

It is important that whatever activity you choose to pursue as part of your Gaisce challenge, that you first agree these with your Gaisce President’s Award Leader. All materials should also be vetted by the school authority before uploading to beoireland or any other media outlets.


Here is a link to the Gaisce page

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